Luminous Aquamarine Protection Bracelet 10mm

Luminous Aquamarine Protection Bracelet 10mm

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Aquamarine Bracelet, AAA Aquamarine Crystal, March Birthstone Bracelet, 10mm Blue Crystal, Protection Bracelet, 6.6" Stretch Bracelet, Genuine Aquamarine


Say hello to the AAA Aquamarine Bracelet you've been searching for!

The genuine Aquamarine beads in this bracelet have a magical semi-translucent glow and gorgeous quality.

This Aquamarine crystal beads are untreated and unheated, featuring an icy blue natural color. Photos and video show the bracelet under natural sunlight and indoors under bright LED light.

Also known as blue Beryl, this Aquamarine crystal bracelet features nice standard sized 10mm beads and a thick blue stretch cord.

Aquamarine is a crystal companion for the throat chakra, enhancing communication and helping one speak their truth. This water element gemstone is the birthstone for March and has historic lore for protecting sailors during their sea voyages.

Color variations and veil formations within the beads are to be expected with this natural crystal material.



Bracelet Size: 6.625" (Same as 6 5/8" - circumference of inner part of bracelet)
Bead Size Range: 10mm - 10.7mm
Weight: 29g
Moh's Hardness: 7.5 - 8
Origin: Brazil
Themes: Rejuvenation, Travel Protection, Speaking Up, Inner Peace

*Measure your wrist before ordering. Bracelet resizing not available at this time.

Order includes a reusable jewelry box and storage bag.

Refunds not available for broken stretch bracelets due to regular wear. Please practice care in removing bracelet by rolling it off the hand & wrist gently. Do not swim, shower, exercise or engage in rigorous activities while wearing this bracelet.

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