Ametrine & Sunset Aura Quartz Wand Pendant

Ametrine & Sunset Aura Quartz Wand Pendant

$189.00 USD
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Feel empowered when you wear this Ametrine and Sunset Aura Quartz Pendant. This crystal wand pendant is a stunner and features a solid sterling silver lucky horseshoe frame that holds a polished Ametrine on top and a Sunset Aura Quartz point on the bottom.

Ametrine is a combination of yellow Citrine and purple Amethyst. The golden Sunset Aura Quartz point is infused with platinum, gold and iron metals. The vapor bonding of these metals provide an energetic boost to the Quartz.

This gorgeous Ametrine & Sunset Aura Quartz Pendant comes with a gift box and jewelry bag. There's only one like it, make it yours today!

2.7" x 1.1" x 0.4"
69 mm x 27 mm x 11 mm
Length with Bail: 3" (75 mm)
Weight: 17 g

Ametrine: 10 mm x 12 mm x 10 mm
Ametrine: 13.2 cts

Sunset Aura Quartz: 40 mm x 12 mm x 9 mm
Sunset Aura Quartz: 34.3 cts